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  • 2605 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  • Located in Bays 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the east end of the Avalon Shopping Mall


Welcome to

Welcome to
Welcome to the website of Solar Gardens at Avalon, our charming Solar Gardens shop conveniently located in central Saskatoon. We are a locally owned and operated business, established in 2005.

While we are perhaps best known for our beautiful succulents and succulent bowl classes (and now succulent class kits you can do at home), we are also very pleased to carry delicious and varied balsamic vinegars and olive oils, exotic spice blends, flavoured maple syrups, unusual candies and chocolates, our own delicious sangria line, puzzles, giftware and much much more. Explore this website to learn more about our succulents and exciting products.

Our website is frequently updated. We revise its content as new classes and products become available, and as new seasonal events approach. We update our CURRENT AVAILABILITY plant page very regularly and this is where you can order for contactless curbside pickup. We also offer in-store shopping, if you prefer not to pre-order and utilize our curbside pick up option.

Particularly at this time of Covid-19 physical distancing, we want this website to provide an easy way for our clients to stay abreast of our available products and new developments.

We are now in the process (on a continual basis) of posting a more complete listing of our many available products and will be adding a list of current pricing for products to make it easy for you to order any item via email.

Consider signing up for our newsletters, Facebook and Instagram. They are probably the best ways to keep abreast of all things Solar Gardens.


This year, more than ever, we need the normalcy of gardening and enjoying our back yards and being able to enjoy our decks, balconies, gardens and homes.

We have instituted a number of changes to allow you to easily and safely access our gorgeous succulents and other products.

We now offer both curbside pick up (of prepaid orders) and in-store shopping. You can order any of our products online for curbside pick up by emailing OR come right in the store to shop.

E-transfer is the preferred method of prepayment for these services. If shopping in-store we accept Visa, Mastercard, debit and cash.

We are not offering any classes currently due to covid-19 and safe social distancing practices , but we have created convenient and beautiful class kits that allow you to make succulent arrangements at home.

Information on our "make at home" class kits, our other various products and how to order any Solar Gardens items for curbside pickup are available on this website

A number of changes have been instituted at our shop to meet the safety and public health regulations. These guidelines are now familiar to all of us.

  • Outside and inside our shop, we ask people to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) or more.
  • We have a mandatory face mask or face shield requirement.
  • We have hand sanitizer placed near the door and we ask anyone entering the shop to use it immediately upon entry.
  • There is a maximum of 15 people allowed in our shop at a time and the flow of movement along aisles is in one direction to prevent your path crossing with others.
  • We have a dedicated entrance door and exit door.
  • Sampling of our food items and our spice “sniffing jars” will not be available.
  • We ask that customers do not visit our shop if you are feeling unwell.
  • We apologize that our washrooms cannot be available to the public or even our clients during this time.
  • Please demonstrate patient and mindful awareness of others when moving within our shop.
  • Our staff may be called to do curbside deliveries while helping you and so they may need to attend to others. We apologize in advance if they are briefly called away.
  • Please be patient and kind with each other and with our staff. We are all finding our way through this unusual and challenging time as best we can.
  • Ultimately we hope to meet your needs and help you find a beautiful item while everyone remains safe and happy.
Thank you for understanding, following and respecting these public health guidelines.

And please note: Our Acreage is now permanently closed.

Effective April 2020 we have permanently closed our acreage greenhouses and Firestick Cafe to the general public and so the acreage is no longer available for classes, shopping, events, bookings or dining. Thank you for all your wonderful support of our acreage and Firestick Cafe over the years. It has been a great and challenging adventure. We plan to write a book about our non-stop, unbelievable, fantastic journey someday....with lots of pictures....and recipes...why not? Thankfully, our memories are very, very long!

Our acreage will now focus solely on the greenhouse production of quality succulents for Solar Gardens at Avalon and our wholesale clients across Canada.

But we are very happy to say that all of our wonderful products are now available through our Avalon shop. We hope you can pop by from time to time to check out our ever changing products and succulents.


We WHOLESALE to all sorts of businesses clear across Canada - greenhouses, flower shops, online ecommerce businesses,  home improvement stores, contractors, gift shops and any retail shops that might want to place some lovely pots/plants/balsamics/spices by the checkout to increase sales. 

We can have a look at your business and give you some good ideas to get you up and running.

We wholesale succulents, cacti, candy, our 90 or so balsamics/oils plus our 100 or so continually expanding fragrant spices and spice blends from the Avalon Spicery.

We send our wholesale customers current availability pics and prices regularly.

SHIPPING? Within SK, AB and MB we deliver ourselves. Our shipping fee is WAY cheaper than other companies. For other provinces we can ship via truck (by the pallet) or courier (for smaller orders).

To purchase wholesale you need to have a business. We'll need your PST or HST number.

It's really easy and painless to get started. To get started email us:


Our succulent arrangements are always fresh, new and changing.The Avalon spice cabinet is full of incredible spice blends from all over the world.

Our balsamic, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and fruit vinegar cabinets are always full of a fantastic selection of goodness!

Where it all started...succulents, succulents...more SUCCULENTS!!!!

More succulent pots....ALWAYS!

Spice Blends & Prices from the Avalon Spicery



Adobo Seasoning 9.00

Al Pastor Taco 7.00

Amish Pepper 11.50

Apple Cider 11.75

Apple Pie Spice 9.00

Artisan Chicken Rub 12.00

Applewood Chipotle 11.75

Bahamian Chicken 12.50

Baharat 9.75

Barbacao Rub 10.50

Baton Rouge 6.75

Berebere - Currently sold out

Black Bean Burger 9.00

Blackened Seasoning 10.75

Bruscetta Seasoning 8.25

Buffalo Wings Rub 8.50

Burger Bump 9.50

Cajun Seasoning 9.75

Cake Spice 8.00

California Pepper 10.50

Cape Town Curry 10.50

Caribbean Blend 11.00

Chai Baking Spice 9.00

Chili Con Carne 11.50

Chili Lime 12.75

Chimichurri 9.00

Chipotle Morita Dried Whole Chiles 4.39

Citrus Bump 9.50

Citrus Ginger 9.00

Citrus Steak Seasoning - Currently sold out

Colima Mexican Seasonong 11.25

Corn on the Cob Seasoning 12.50

Creole Seasoning 10.00

Devilish Burger 11.50

Dill Seed 7.50

Dukkah 12.00

Enchilada Seasoning 11.75

Espresso Rub 9.00

Everything Bagel 12.25

Fiery Cajun 9.00

Garlic Fries 13.50

Garlic Herb 9.00

General Tso’s Seasoning 9.00

Granulated Honey 12.25

Greek Seasoning 10.25

Grill Master Steak Rub 8.00

Ground Cardamom 11.00

Ground Sumac 11.75

Habanero Garlic Pepper 12.00

Harissa Spice 11.50

Heating Up Texas 10.00

Honey Chipotle Rub 10.50

Honey Habanero Rub 11.25

Hot Southern Chicken 8.00

Il Pane Bread Dipper 11.75

It’s All That Chicken Rub 10.25

Ixtapa Rojo Rub 10.50

Jamaican Jerk Rub 8.00

Korean Beef Seasoning 10.50

Lemon Juice Powder 11.25

Lime Dobo Rub 10.50

Little Bit O’ Lemon Pepper 9.50

Lombardy Bread Dipper 12.50

Machu Pichu Kebab 11.75

Madras Curry 8.50

Maharajah Curry 11.50

Mediterranean Bread Dipper 11.50

Mediterranean Dry Rub 7.00

Mexican Mole 11.00

Mignonette Peppercorns 6.00

Mixed Pepper 12.50

Moroccan Vegetable Rub - Currently sold out

Mulatto Dried Whole Chiles 4.45

Not So Basic Burger 11.50

Organic Lime Juice Powder 11.25

Pizza Seasoning (Italian) 6.50

Pizzeria Pizza Seasoning. 6.50

Porcini Mushroom 14.00

Pork Rub 8.00

Quebec Maple Sugar 12.00

Ranch Dressing Seasoning 6.50

Ras El Hanout 11.00

Rio Grande Chili Powder 11.50

Roasted Garlic Pepper 10.75

Satay Seasoning 12.00

Shichimi Togarashi 8.00

Seasoned Salt 11.50

Shish Taouk 15.25

Shushito Whole Dried Chiles 7.45

Sichuan Peppercorns - Currently sold out

Smoked Cherrywood Salt 6.00

Smoked Citrus Salt 5.00

Smoked Red Serrano Whole Dried Chiles 4.39

Smoked Sweet Paprika 11.50

Smoked Sweet Pepper 11.50

Smoky Molasses Rub 12.00

Solar Sugar 9.00

Soul of Italy Seasoning 7.50

South Carolina Seafood Boil 9.50

Spicy Thai Seasoning 11.50

Steakhouse Rub 9.50

Suya Yaji 7.00

Sweet Chili Powder 10.25

Sweet Curry Powder 11.50

Taco Seasoning - Currently sold out

Tandoori Spice 11.00

The Chicken Run 7.25

Tikka Masala 10.25

Toasted Minced Onion 7.00

Turkish Kofte 11.50

Vallarta Veg & Meat Seasoning 8.00

Vietnamese Pork Rub 8.50

Vindaloo Curry 10.50

Za’Atar (Israelí) 9.50

Za’Atar (Syrian) 9.50

Whole Black Peppercorns 8.50

Wiri Wiri Whole Dried Chiles 9.25

"SPICE ADVICE" from the avalon spicery

"SPICE ADVICE" from the avalon spicery


Dried herbs and spices add a lot of flavour to our dishes. They are readily available and convenient to use. When we're able to blend a combination of spices and herbs the end result usually leads to a wonderful meal. Preserving the quality, freshness and flavour of your spices and seasonings will give you great tasting dishes and help eliminate boring meals.

Spices don't spoil, but over time they do lose their strength. When stored properly spices retain their potency longer than you might think. Whole peppercorns, nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon sticks and whole seeds, such as coriander, cumin, and cardamom all last longer than their ground counterparts.

Proper Storage

There are two critical keys to maintaining the optimum flavor and in getting the greatest value out of your herbs and spices. Store your spices and seasoning blends in air tight containers and keep them in a cool dark place. Keeping containers tightly closed will protect them from moisture and oxidation. Keeping them away from direct light will keep their colour from fading. We've also found that when spices are stored in glass jars they tend to retain more of their essential oil content (this is where the flavour is).

Never store your spices above your stove as the additional heat will more quickly lead to degradation of their quality. Also don't store them directly above your dishwasher as the increased humidity will also shorten their shelf life. Stored spices do best in temperatures below 70° and in lower humidity environments. While achieving both of these may be impractical in your kitchen, the closer you can get to the ideal storage of them the more flavour you will retain.

If you have ever heard it's good to freeze spices and herbs forget it! Condensation will be a problem each time the jar or bag of spice comes out of the freezer and is likely to introduce unwanted moisture to the spices. We also do not recommend shaking herbs or spices out of the bottle directly into something you're cooking as any steam/moisture rising up from the cooking dish will introduce moisture into your jar of spices. Instead it's better to shake the spice into the palm of your hand and then add it to the dish you're cooking.

Some people like to store red spices like chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika in the refrigerator to prevent loss of colour and flavour. As mentioned in the freezer scenario above, this does more harm than good.

Whole spices keep the longest because they have not been cracked or ground which would expose their volatile oils to the air, which speeds up the breakdown of their flavor. This is why ground spices have a shorter shelf life than whole spices or seeds.

So Many Different Recommendations - Which are Correct?

The general recommendations for freshness dating are four years for whole spices and two years for ground. You may hear people say that spices should be replaced every six months. However, most spices are only harvested once a year, so it certainly doesn't make sense to replace them every six months.

If spices and herbs are kept as we have discussed the shelf life will be as follows:
  • Whole spices and dried herbs, leaves and flowers will keep 1 - 2 years.       
  • Seeds will keep 2 - 3 years and whole roots (i.e. ginger root or galangal root) will keep 3 years.       
  • Ground spices and herb leaves keep 1 year.       
  • Ground roots will keep for 2 years.
Just because a spice or seasoning blend is outside the date range listed above doesn't mean that the spice needs to be tossed in the trash. To determine if a spice or seasoning is still good you have to remember "appearance" and "aroma". A spice that is no longer acceptable will have lost much of it's vibrant colour and will instead appear dull and faded. The bigger key though is smell. To determine whether or not a ground spice is still good gently shake the container with the cap on. Remove the cap and smell the spice to see if the potent aroma of the spice is still present. If it is, then your spice is still in good shape. Spices don't just all of a sudden go from good one day to bad the next (like milk). From the time they're harvested they slowly begin to deteriorate and what you want to do is to prolong their optimum flavour for as long as possible with proper storage.

The Bottom Line ....literally haha!

A good overall practice to follow is to only purchase high quality dried herbs, spices and spice blends from reliable suppliers & in small quantities, so that you can easily use them up in a reasonable period of time. 


We're introducing a full line of incredible flavoured maple syrups in time for Christmas 2020.

Keep an eye on this page for the full listing.

Vegepods - Gardening Made Easy

Our gift certificates never expire

You can use your gift certificate for anything and everything available at the Avalon shop

Keeping things fresh

Since we grow our succulents in our greenhouses just 20 minutes from Avalon we are constantly bringing in fresh succulents and arrangements

Stop in often

EXTREMELY fresh artisan bread baked right in-store every Saturday

It doesn't get fresher than this! Baguette and 3 flavours of focaccia

If there's any left over from Saruday you can buy it frozen throughout the week FYI - if you don't gobble it up as soon as you get home, the next day it makes the best toast EVER


We post all sorts of stuff on FACEBOOK like all the current happenings at Solar Gardens at Avalon

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We sell plants for wedding favours in 2 different sizes:
1. Our 2 1/4" size come in plastic pots and are sold in flats of 48 plants.
2. Our succulent plugs come in flats of 105 plugs. These plugs are not planted in a pots but are planted in pockets within the tray.
Wedding favours are available in both full flats and partial flats.
We can ship clear across Canada!

The above photo compares the 2 sizes. The tray at the top of the photo are the 2 1/4" plastic pots and the bottom tray are the 105s which are growing directly in the tray without a pot.

This plug tray contains 105 succulents (not growing in a pot). We routinely plant our plug trays with 15 rows of different succulents and you get 7 plants of each variety.

Here are the succulents in 2 1/4" pots. There are 48 plants in a flat. Pictured here are 48 different varieties, but you can choose to have all one variety or any mixture. 
Please note that the above pictures are just sample trays. Our selection constantly varies.
We will always text or email you a picture of the trays before shipping to make sure you are happy with the selection.


Consider our Succulent Arrangement Fundraising opportunities.

Are you looking for a fundraising opportunity for your club, charity, group or organization?

If so, talk with us about purchasing bulk succulent arrangements that your club can then resell at a profit.

Depending upon the size of the succulent arrangement purchased from us, you can anticipate 5 to 25 dollars (or more for larger arrangements) profit per arrangement sold.

We often arrange seasonal pots and so seasonal arrangements may be available for bulk purchase (eg. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving...).

You will need to forward proof that you are a bona fide club, charity or organization.

The minimum number of succulent arrangements per bulk sale is 25.

Email us to learn more - or click here to fill out the CONTACT US form.